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Hygiene Methodist Church

Stained Glass Restoration at Methodist Church in Hygiene, Colorado By PAIKEN, 09/15/16 Denver Art Glass Inc. removes stained glass windows at the United Methodist Church in Hygiene on Thursday. The windows are more than 100-years-old and will be restored and then reinstalled at the church in the coming months. Call us to schedule a professional …

Colorado College Facilities Department

Facilities Crew Ensures Campus Buildings Preserve the Past, Prepare for the Future After 140 years, the Colorado College campus barely shows its age — thanks largely to the staffers of CC’s Facilities Department. They’ve spent decades polishing CC’s buildings into historic gems that will function well for students, staff, and visitors for years to come. …

Creede Catholic Church

The stained glass was gone, the opening boarded up. From a black and white photograph and pieces of glass found in the tower, Denver Art Glass was able to reproduce the original stained glass window.

Monument Wesleyan Church

SCOTTSBLUFF, NEBRASKA Hail damage repair from 2012 storm.

Salida United Methodist Church

Stained Glass Repair & Renovation “The church was built in 1899 and dedicated in 1900,” said Burrell Welton, chairman of trustees. “After more than 100 years, the lead had cracked, some of the glass had fractured and there were other problems. We needed to do something to preserve the beauty of the church for future …

Evans Ranch, Colorado