Glass Restoration

leaded & stained glass
repair & restoration

Commercial & Residential

Denver Art Glass has the experience to handle simple glass repairs or complete glass restorations. We are well versed in identifying the various degrees of deterioration in stained and leaded glass. It is part of our philosophy to educate our clientele so that they may make an informed decision in regards to the repair or restoration of their stained glass. An important aspect of major restoration projects is an implementation of a maintenance plan for the restored stained-glass window.

Restoration is trying to re-establish the window as close as possible to its original condition. The work goes beyond cleaning, repairing and replacing damaged pieces. While restoration does involve any cleaning and repairs, it has more to do with replacing the leading by which the pieces of glass are attached. Over the years, a window with external exposure is subject to wind pressure, solar heating, evening cooling, vibration from traffic and the effects of pollution. 

Expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling are particularly tough on lead. While the glass will not deteriorate, this lead deterioration can greatly jeopardize the structural integrity of the window. When the lead deteriorates, usually around 75-100 years into its lifespan, the best course of action would be for Denver Art Glass to bring the piece back to the studio where it can be dismantled, meticulously cleaned, re-leaded, re-puttied, and restored to its original glory.  

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